This is the first iMessage sticker pack from Tebasaki and Friends.  This is an introduction to the characters in this series. Please use them to express yourself in your text to your family and friends.

Tebakyu and Friends Volume One is now available for iMessage.
download here

Tebakyu and Friends Volume Two takes off right after Volume one. This iMessage sticker pack adds a bit more personality and attitude so you can send your iMessage texts with a bit more flare and gusto.

Tebakyu and Friends Volume Two is now available for iMessage.
download here

Art has always been a part of my life. I've been drawing, painting, shooting photos and editing videos since I was in elementary school.  The things that I do value most in life is time spent with family and friends and good food. Do you feel the same too? And what are your thoughts on work? To me work and business is a necessity for us to supplement our lives with income so we can keep doing the things we love most. We want to keep doing what we enjoy right? 

I text to different friends and family everyday. You do the same right? I wanted to be able to add my own sense of humor to it. I created these iMessage stickers to do just that. To be an extension of the way I like to communicate. Life is better with a laugh right. Lol. 

Thus "Tebakyu" was created. Yup it's a silly thing. I love to create things and enjoy connecting with people. Tebakyu is simply an extension of my thoughts. And since I can express my self through ridiculous art than why not. Laughter is the best medicine.  

Did you know that the the word Tebakyu is taken from two Japanese words. "Tebasaki" is chicken wing and "Kyuri" is cucumber. When you combine the words you get "Tebasaki". A word that defines my two favorite foods. Cucumbers and Chicken wings. Isn't that fascinating? 

So here it is. Tebasaki and Friends. Volume One and Two. These iMessage emoji stickers are created so you can express your feelings in a fun way through your day to day texts. And yes they are in Japanese. Even if you don't read Japanese... the facial expressions speak for themselves. 

Please download the sticker packs for your iMessage App on your iOS device. Do use them everyday to connect to your friends and family. 

Most of all... Enjoy!!! 

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